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Digital Breadcrumbs (M.I.S.S.T.)- a collaboration with Christopher Saari and Rob Powers, Mixed Media Interactive Installation: including projection, leds, wifi detectors, programing and laser-cut acylic pedistal. Dimensions variable (pedistal is 14.5" x 14.5" x 38"). This iteration includes eight wifi detection nodes placed around the room. (2015)

Visitors to the gallery are automatically tracked using the wifi in their phone. This practice is currently legal without knowledge or consent and already performed by businesses such as department stores and malls.

If the viewer presses the button, they will see the lines of everyone who has passed through the gallery in the last day in a projected map of the gallery's floorplan.

When you place your phone on the podium and the system detects it, it fades the general traffic back and shows just the path made by the signal from your phone. It marks every spot it detected you and connects them with lines and arrow indicators to show the direction of movement.

Circles form "heat maps" where someone has stood still for a longer period of time.


Statement:  In Digital Breadcrumbs we are confronting the audience with the idea that the greatest threat to their privacy is not the things they can see on the outside like drones or Google Glass, but things that are so much a part of our lives we don’t even think about them- like our own cell phones.

To do this we made just some of the “digital breadcrumbs” which phones constantly send out visible as a trail through the gallery map.  For this piece (as with most surveillance) the participation is voluntary only in the sense that the data you leaks is done so publically. Essentially the phone you carry is constantly shouting out an “I’m here” signal and we are just picking it up and displaying it.