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Binary Experience


*this image is the final test for the piece (4/2013). It was part of the "Art by Telephone" show as an instruction to another artist but I have not yet enacted it myself in a space.



Each participant answers the same list of yes/no questions about life experiences by filling in one square drawn on the paper for each "yes" and leaving one blank for each "no" in order.

There is a visual pattern to the questions.

The questions are made to provoke memories, conjure mental images and call into question the binary nature of the answer.

The participant chooses from a variety of black pens and fills in the yes answers, invariablly
producing some individual mark.

The papers are added to the wall as they come in, spiraling out in a gradually increasing square from the center. They can fill an entire wall or be limited to a square of a certain size.

Questions to be displayed next to wall piece.

How partcipants get the questions (written/audio recording/ person) and the extent of the privacy will depend on the context the piece is shown in (the physical space, the show, etc.).