Mary Corey March

Beneath These Waves Lies Light

Encaustic on plexiglass with programmable LEDs and a program specially designed with Mark Kreigsman. 32" x 32" x 2.5" (2019)


This piece is an abstraction of water and the sensations water evokes created with encaustic paint, light, and programming. It is most similar to the Sculpted Canvas Series, in that it is an abstraction of a visceral feeling rendered in paint.

The lighting program was specially created to feel like moving like light on water and look like light moving under water. Programmer Mark Kriegsman created it on the FASTLED platform in consultation and collaboration with me.

It is our tribute to my long-time art/tech collaborator and friend, Daniel Garcia who died in the Santa Cruz dive boat fire. He created the FASTLED platform with Mark to make gorgeous, organic LED programming available to artists all over the world for free.

Beneath These Waves Lies Light from Mary March on Vimeo.