Mary Corey March
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Collaborative Projects:

Digital Breadcrumbs (M.I.S.S.T.)

A Mixed Media Interactive Installation in collaboration with two programmers; Chris Saari (the artist's husband) and Rob Powers (2015)

Cultural Fabric Breathes Still

A Mixed Media Interactive and Particapatory Sound Installation done with the collaboration of Daniel Garcia (programmer with artistic leanings) (2015)

Interwoven: Icons and Ideas

5 artists (Annysa Ng, Lina Puerta, Simone Stoll, Sophie Menuet and Mary March) and one cultural anthropologist (Jordan Kraemer) each provide one iconic image and one concept which become the basis for new work for each participant. (2011)

International Exquisite Corps Project:

An online mixed media collaboration with 19 other artists from around the world. Invited participant artists each provide a single unfinished piece.

Every artist involved was invited to alter those pieces, and to alter the alterations, creating trees of artwork originating at a single point.

These were also installed at Sage Colleges in Albany, NY as printed work in the tree forms. (2009)