Unconscious Exchange

These mixed media works begin with chance and go back and forth in dialogue between the unconsciousness of the computer and a stream-of-consciousness/unconscious creation process done directly by the artist. Each individual piece is the collection of the sketches that reveal the dialogue.

They nod to the "exquisite corpse" exercises and exchanges that the surrealists and Da Da artists had between each other, but are instead a dialogue between the artist's unconscious, the computer, and chance, also following a stream-of-consciousness approach to developing the images at each stage.

Materials include: acrylic paint, oil pastel, colored pencil, charcoal, ink, and graphite and digital alterations.

Each piece begins from an ink spill, involving some element of chance. It then gets scanned into the computer and one “move” is made in the computer. I take the printed computer alteration and do an original mixed media drawing/painting over it. If the piece asks for another move, it goes back into the computer, after which another original mixed media move is done over it.

The process is the core of the piece - the flow between the unconscious acts of the machine and the subconscious prompting for new drawing.






These are photos represent three of the nine pieces currently in this series.