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Scales was a participatory installation which took place over the course of a weekend at the TI Music Festival, 2009. "Scales" refers to many things: the shedding of skins, layers of identity (both real and affected), and the scales with which we measure our experiences- the way we weigh and categorize the things around us. Most importantly it is about the variable Human scale

Participants were asked to take a writing prompt and a painted scale
and to write their response to the prompt on the scale.
They then put the scale into a box labeled "Experiences".
Written-on Scales were taken from the box and put up on the wall where participants could select one written by an anonymous stranger.
Then they would place that other person's scale in the net they felt it most fit in.

Nets were labeled: Body, Material, Incorporeal, Passion, Purpose, Stimulus and Connection.


The nets gradually accumulated scales until the end of the second day, nearly 1000 scales later.
During this time they were open to be read, blowing in the wind.
reading scales
art fears
teddy loss
A book of the Scales is in the works. It will show some of my favorite individual scales- joy and loss, whimsy and frustration, but mostly many facets of human experience.

all photographs by Daniel Garcia, Copyright 2009