Mary Corey March
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Sculpted Canvases

These pieces express certain visceral experiences- moments, both sublimely quiet, and those that rush with sensation. The sculpture comes out of my full contact and involvement with the work- I need to mold it with my hands as well as apply paint. The gesture evokes the feelings of the moment. They are memories, sensations, and feelings that recall another memory, another sensation.

They began when I met my husband, whose presence in my life introduced rich, full color back into my palette.

Witness (2/07)

(16" x 40")


detail of the paint layers in the lower section

Release (10/28/07)

(39" x 39")


Soft Afternoon (3/07)

(56" x 38") sold


Water and Wind (12/06)

(46" x 34") sold

Embrace (6/06)

(26" 26")- not for sale